Building IoT London

Dive into the Internet of Things

WHEN 27-29 March 2017
WHERE London 30 Euston Square


The internet of things holds out the promise of amazing new products, fresh business models and profound changes to our private and professional lives. But while there is an abundance of possibilities and creative ideas, software developers face tremendous challenges turning these visions into reality.

Developers who haven’t previously dealt with embedded programming or telecommunications will soon realize that Arduino and Raspberry Pi are just the start, as they find themselves contemplating a complex ecosystem of hardware, protocols and software components. Meanwhile, software developers and architects who have some experience with hardware realize they have to quickly gain knowledge in other areas, such as networking/connectivity, security and data privacy.

Building IoT London, is a three day conference that will help enterprise IT professionals to get a grip on and succeed in the internet of things, whether you’re taking your first steps into this world, or have laid the groundwork and are ready to exploit its full potential.

Over two days of conference sessions and a day of in-depth workshops, we will range across the full gamut of topics. Presentations on key principles and the opportunity to talk about current research projects will help you to successfully approach and implement new projects in this exciting field.

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