John Morkes, Expero Inc Dr John Morkes, Expero

Co-principal at Expero, John leads the User Research team and assists with the company’s business strategy. He’s an expert in user research for complex domains, usefulness and usability testing, and content usability, a field he helped pioneer with Dr. Jakob Nielsen.

His recent work has been for enterprise software, Big Data and IoT clients in healthcare, biotechnology, information technology, semiconductors, energy, agronomy, automotive, financial services, and other industries.

John has a Ph.D. from Stanford University and M.S. and B.A. degrees from Northwestern University. He has worked in the UX field since 1994 and was a technology journalist for Wired and R&D Magazine before that. Before Expero, John was Director of HCI at Trilogy, where he established their usability program and led efforts to improve the usability of Nissan’s and Ford’s websites, which Forrester Research rated as the two best consumer sites in the industry.

John is a published researcher and frequent speaker at user experience conferences. Since 2000, he has given tutorials at Nielsen Norman Group conferences on: Designing Complex Applications & Websites (with Lynn Pausic), Agile Development and UX (with Lynn Pausic), Content Usability, Competitive Usability Testing, and Interviewing and Survey Techniques.

He longs for a world in which users can complete all of their tasks while half asleep or heavily medicated.

John Morkes, Expero Inc

John Morkes, Expero Inc

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