Yodit Stanton, OpenSensors.io Yodit Stanton, founder and CEO of OpenSensors.io

Yodit Stanton is founder and CEO of OpenSensors.io, the real-time data exchange which provides data infrastructure for the Internet of Things, enabling anyone to publish real time open data from sensor networks.

As Yodit puts it, “OpenSensors came out of my own frustration at not being able to find real time information about the world – and we are fixing that.” The company is working on projects spanning building management, agriculture and transport, as well as supporting Open Data projects.

Before taking on the deluge of data the internet of things is going to produce, Yodit held a succession of top-end dev roles at the likes of Nomura, Man and Deutsche Bank.

Yodit Stanton, OpenSensors.io

Yodit Stanton, OpenSensors.io

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